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November 14, 2023

Upcoming Events
From Cobalt to Cars: How China Exploits Child and Forced Labor in the Congo, November 14, 10:00am (Congressional Executive Commission on China)

China’s Space Collaboration with Africa, November 14, 1:30pm EST (United States Institute of Peace)

Mobilizing Private Investment in International Infrastructure, November 16, 1:30pm EST (Wilson Center)

AfriNEXT: A Celebration of African Creativity and Innovation, December 12, 9:00am EST (Atlantic Council)

News & Analysis
Top Pick
Africans See Hypocrisy in US Policy on Israel in Gaza, by Alex Thurston (Responsible Statecraft)

Continent At-Large
All Agree AGOA Should Be Renewed – but How?, by Peter Fabricius (Institute of Security Studies)

The Role of AGOA in Accelerating Africa’s Digital Transformation, by Daniel F. Runde & Thomas Bryja (Center for Strategic & International Studies)

Africa-US Trade: AGOA Deal Expires in 2025 – an Expert Unpacks What It’s Achieved in 23 Years, by David Luke (The Conversation)

Prosper Africa Coordinates 17 US Agencies to Help Boost Africa’s Low Participation in AGOA, by Peter Fabricius (Daily Maverick)

AGOA Must Be Reflective of Modern Africa, Not Used for Geopolitics, by Haydé Adams (Voice of America)

US Treasury’s Adeyemo Hopes Congress Will Extend US-Africa Program, by Andrea Shalal (Reuters)

Upgrading US-Africa Investment Policy And Trade Partnership, by Kester Kenn Klomegah (Eurasia Review)

China Is Winning Africa’s “White-Gold” Rush for Lithium (The Economist)

Central Africa/Sudans
US Pushes, Again, for Revived Rwanda-DRC Talks, as SADC Force Prepares to Enter the Fray, by Lenin Ndebele (News 24)

Chairman McCaul, Senator Coons Call for Free and Fair Elections in DRC (House Foreign Affairs Committee)

Cardin, McCaul, Meeks, Risch Statement on Attacks on Civilians in Darfur (Senate Foreign Relations Committee)

East Africa/Horn
Secret Pentagon Investigation Found No One at Fault in Drone Strike That Killed Woman and 4-Year-Old, by Nick Turse (The Intercept)

Secretary Blinken’s Call with Kenyan Prime Cabinet Secretary/ Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Mudavadi (U.S. Embassy in Kenya)

CJTF-HOA Works with U.S. Embassy in Tanzania to Maintain Regional Readiness, by Douglas Lorance (DVIDS)

North Africa
Assistant Secretary Robinson’s Travel to Morocco and Algeria (U.S. Department of State)

Southern Africa
South Africa Urges US to Hasten Trade Pact with Two-Step Renewal (Bloomberg)

AGOA Is an Opportunity to Deepen Ties Between the US and SA, by Reuben Brigety (Financial Mail)

South Africa: Key Opposition Party Lobbies for US Support to Dethrone ANC in 2024, by Julian Pecquet (The Africa Report)

Ambassador, Former Elliott Dean Talks US-South Africa Economic Relations, by Juliet Lancey (The GW Hatchet)

10 Years On, Mandela’s Model Can Build Peace in a Despairing World, by Johnnie Carson (United States Institute of Peace)

The Lobito Corridor: Washington’s Answer to Belt and Road in Africa, by Alex Stonor (Geopolitical Monitor)

West Africa
Niger Coup Raises Questions About U.S. Sahel Strategy, by Ned Rauch-Mannino (The Heritage Foundation)

The Collapse of Western Influence in West Africa Points to Wider Problems, by Nina Wilén & Jack Watling (Royal United Services Institute)

US Launches Democratic Transition Scheme for Africa After Consecutive Coups, by Julian Pecquet (The Africa Report)

Announcement on ADAPT initiative in Guinea (U.S. Department of State)

First US-African Nuclear Summit Concludes in Ghana (Nuclear Engineering)

Recent Events
Toward Greater Synergy Between International and Domestic Election Observation, November 7, 10:30am EST (Wilson Center)

Africa in Focus: Shaping US-Africa Policy for the Future, November 7, 3:30pm EST (Georgetown University)

Symposium for Sustainable Peace and Security in West Africa, November 9, 9:00am EST (New Lines Institute for Strategy and Policy)

Pivotal States: Where Does the U.S.-South Africa Strategic Partnership Go From Here?, November 9, 2:00pm EST (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

Religious Freedom in the Sahel Region of Africa, November 9, 3:30pm (United States Commission on International Religious Freedom)

Confronting Disinformation in Central Africa, November 13, 1:00pm EST (United States Institute of Peace)

US ambassador Reuben Brigety. Picture: FACEBOOK

November 7, 2023

News & Analysis
Top Pick
AGOA: Road to Reauthorization Collection (Wilson Center)

Continent At-Large
The U.S. African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), by Nellie Peyton (Reuters)

U.S. Faces Tricky Questions With African Trade Group, by John Eligon & Lynsey Chutel (The New York Times)

How African Apparel Industry’s Future Depends on U.S. Congress, by Joe Bavier & Duncan Miriri (Reuters)

US Officials, Lawmakers Express Support for Extension of Africa Trade Program, by Mogomotsi Magome (Associated Press)

US-Africa Program Should Be Extended Through 2041, Senate Democrat Says, by Makini Brice (Reuters)

McCaul, Meeks Support Reauthorization of AGOA (House Foreign Affairs Committee)

Africa – US Trade Programme Needs at Least 10-Year Extension, AU Says, by Joe Bavier (Reuters)

Biden Wants to Improve U.S. – Africa Trade Programme, Not Just Renew It – Blinken, by Joe Bavier, Nellie Peyton, Bhargav Acharya (Reuters)

U.S. – Africa Trade Program Must Be More Than ‘Symbolic,’ U.S. Trade Chief Says, by Joe Bavier (Reuters)

US Congress Members Bail on AGOA to Avoid Government Shutdown at Home, by Paddy Harper (Mail & Guardian)

An Early Extension of AGOA Deal Is Unlikely Thanks to US Politics, Says Expert, by Siphelele Dludla & Helmo Preuss (IOL)

Can African Leaders Extend the US-Africa Trade Program?, by Mimi Mefo Takambou (DW)

AGOA Forum: Has the US Trade Pact Helped Africa?, by Jewel Kiriungi (BBC)

Beyond 2025: The AGOA Summit’s Bid For Extended Economic Ties On The Continent, by Yeshiel Panchia (Forbes)

AGOA: US Vows to Support Regional Integration, by Peter Dube (The East African)

Biden Tests Diplomacy in Shifting Trade Ties with African Nations, by Gerren Keith Gaynor (The Grio)

US Trade Envoy Tai Talks Trade Policy in Africa as Summit Ends, by Kate Bartlett (Voice of America)

Digital Press Briefing with U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves on the Outcomes of the AGOA Forum 2023 (U.S. Department of State)

Remarks by Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves at the Africa Growth and Opportunity Forum (AGOA) Private Sector Forum (U.S. Department of Commerce)

Secretary Antony J. Blinken Video Remarks to the AGOA Forum (U.S. Department of State)

U.S. Delegation Joins 20th AGOA Forum (U.S. Department of State)

Senator Coons Releases Draft of AGOA Reauthorization Act to Deepen U.S.- Africa Economic Relationship (Office of U.S. Senator Chris Coons)

US Eyes Africa’s Industrialisation to Grow Superpower’s Might, by Sarah Smit (Mail & Guardian)

US Takes Up China’s Infrastructure Mantle in Africa, by Kate Bartlett (Voice of America)

US Launches Investment Network to Engage Private Sector in Africa Minerals Strategy, by Julian Pecquet (The Africa Report)

US Export-Import Bank Pushes Africa Renewables, by Adelaide Changole & Paul Burkhardt (Bloomberg)

Will U.S. Abortion Wars End a Successful Foreign Policy in Africa?, by Nosmot Gbadamosi (Foreign Policy)

9th Annual U.S.-AUC High-Level Dialogue Joint Statement (U.S. Department of State)

Secretary Antony J. Blinken And African Union Commission Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat Before Their Meeting (U.S. Department of State)

Secretary Blinken’s Meeting with African Union Commission Chairperson Faki (U.S. Department of State)

Biden Expected to Skip COP Climate Summit, Trip to Africa, by Jonathan Lemire (Politico)

Space Force Sets Date to Activate Its Europe and Africa Component in December, by Chris Gordon (Air & Space Forces Magazine)

How Africa Can Make the Most of Diaspora Finance, by Tsitsi Masiyiwa (Project Syndicate)

Central Africa/Sudans
Biden’s AGOA Decision Will Hurt Ugandan Exporters, by Martin K.N Siele (Semafor)

Uganda’s Museveni Defiant Over Removal from US Trade Pact (Agence France Presse)

Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni Hits Back Over Expulsion from US-Africa Trade Pact AGOA, by Wedaeli Chibelushi (BBC)

Secretary Blinken’s Calls with Democratic Republic of the Congo President Tshisekedi and Rwandan President Kagame (U.S. Department of State)

East Africa/Horn
Facebook’s Algorithms ‘Supercharged’ Hate Speech in Ethiopia’s Tigray Conflict, by Kalkidan Yibeltal & Wycliffe Muia (BBC)

1st Anniversary of Ethiopia’s Cessation of Hostilities Agreement (U.S. Department of State)

North Africa
Putin’s Move to Secure Libya Bases Is New Regional Worry for US (Bloomberg)

U.S. to Restore Mauritania’s AGOA Trade Preferences After Worker Rights Progress, by David Lawder (Reuters)

Egyptian Dissidents Are the Collateral Damage of U.S. Support for Israel, by Abdelrahman ElGendy (Foreign Policy)

Secretary Antony J. Blinken, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, and Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi At a Joint Press Availability (U.S. Department of State)

U.S. – Morocco Africa Working Group (U.S. Department of State)

Southern Africa
SA Likely to Secure Trade Status Extension with US, Say Officials – but for How Much Longer?, by Ferial Haffajee & Peter Fabricius (Daily Maverick)

US Senator Chris Coons Proposes Immediate Review of SA’s AGOA Eligibility, by Peter Fabricius (Daily Maverick)

S.Africa Hosts US-Africa Trade Summit After Diplomatic Tensions (Agence France Presse)

Risch: Biden Admin is Wrong to Host AGOA Summit in South Africa (Senate Foreign Relations Committee)

Biden Administration Acknowledges Damage Done by Brigety Claims, by Lizeka Tandwa (Mail & Guardian)

China Has Belt and Road, Now the US Has the Lobito Corridor from Angola to Zambia, by Lenin Ndebele (News24)

Digital Press Briefing on Lobito Corridor MoU Signing (U.S. Department of State)

Risch: Biden Admin Must Condemn Zimbabwe Government’s Severe Repression (Senate Foreign Relations Committee)

An Opportunity to Deepen Trade and Investment between the United States and Namibia, by Randy Berry (U.S. Embassy in Namibia)

Assistant Secretary Phee’s Travel to Namibia (U.S. Department of State)

West Africa
Liberia Pivots Toward Dictatorship as the World Looks Elsewhere, by Michael Rubin (1945)

 (Image: Rawpixel | Unsplash)

October 31, 2023

Upcoming Events
China’s Critical Mineral Investments in Africa, October 31, 9:30am EDT (Wilson Center)

The Role of Diaspora and Civil Society in Shaping U.S. Policy Toward Africa, November 1, 5:10pm EDT (Howard University)

Africa in Focus: Shaping US-Africa Policy for the Future, November 7, 3:30pm EST (Georgetown University)

Symposium for Sustainable Peace and Security in West Africa, November 9, 9:00am EST (New Lines Institute for Strategy and Policy)

Pivotal States: Where Does the U.S.-South Africa Strategic Partnership Go From Here?, November 9, 2:00pm EST (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

News & Analysis
Top Pick
How Russian Disinformation Toppled Government After Government in Africa, by Elizabeth Dwoskin (The Washington Post)

The World Is Becoming More African, by Declan Walsh & Hannah Reyes Morales (The New York Times)

Continent At-Large
Democracy in Africa Is Not a Western Imposition, by Tafi Mhaka (Al-Jazeera)

US Strips Four More Countries of AGOA Trade Benefits, by Julian Pecquet (The Africa Report)

10 Key Debates at Next Week’s AGOA Summit in South Africa, by Julian Pecquet (The Africa Report)

U.S.- Africa Duty-Free Programme Needs Changes – U.S. Trade Official, by Joe Bavier (Reuters)

AGOA Forum: ‘Africa to Assert Its Place in Global Economy’, by Sarah Smit (Mail & Guardian)

SA Is Seeking to Maximise Its AGOA Benefits at 20th Annual Forum, by Peter Fabricius (Daily Maverick)

Prior to AGOA Forum, Biden Administration Unlikely to Formally Transmit 2024 Eligibility Determinations to Congress, by Michael Walsh (Medium)

AGOA Gives US ‘Unworthy Licence to Interfere’ in Domestic Affairs of African States, by Brian Sokutu (The Citizen)

Africa-Focused US Law Reframed Around Countering China, Russia, by Michael Walsh (Asia Times)

Digital Press Briefing with Constance Hamilton, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Africa and Joy Basu, Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of African Affairs of the State Department (U.S. Department of State)

Cassidy Joins Call to Renew AGOA to Combat Chinese and Russian Influence in Africa, Provide Certainty for U.S. Businesses (Office of U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy)

Senators Coons, Scott, Kaine, Wicker Introduce Bill to Strengthen HBCUs’ Role in U.S.-Africa Partnerships (Office of U.S. Senator Chris Coons)

Central Africa/Sudans
Why Cameroon’s Anglophone Crisis Is Now Being Fought in Washington, by Amindeh Blaise Atabong (Semafor)

US Declares Toppling of Gabon’s Ali Bongo a Coup, by Julian Pecquet (The Africa Report)

Troika Welcomes Meeting of Sudanese Civilians in Addis Ababa to Chart Next Steps in Restoring Sudan’s Democratic Governance (U.S. Department of State)

The United States, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development, Together with the African Union, Relaunch Humanitarian and Ceasefire Talks Between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces (U.S. Department of State)

Sudan Army Says to Resume US and Saudi-Led Talks on Ending War (Agence France Presse)

A Billion Dollar Copper/Cobalt Mine Is Up for Grabs in the DR Congo, Providing Rare Opening for the U.S. to Get in the Market, by Eric Olander (China Global South Project)

Open the Congo Files and Face Up to What the CIA Did, by Stuart A. Reid (The Washington Post)

East Africa/Horn
US Pledges Support for Somalia in Al-Shabaab Operations (Garowe Online)

North Africa
Assistant Secretary Witkowsky’s Travel to Libya and Tunisia (U.S. Department of State)

AFRICOM Commander and Senior Enlisted Leader Travel to Mauritania (AFRICOM)

Southern Africa
Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on the Development of the Lobito Corridor and the Zambia-Lobito Rail Line (U.S. Department of State)

AGOA Trade Deal Talks: South Africa Will Need to Carefully Manage Relations with the US and China, by Arno J. Vam Niekerk (The Conversation)

Ahead of Crucial AGOA Forum, Pretoria Again Treads a Fine Line with Its Stance on Israel, Palestine, Gaza, by Peter Fabricius (Daily Maverick)

West Africa
Senators Take Biden Official to Task Over Coups in West Africa, by Lydia McFarlane (The Hill)

Extremist Attacks Escalate in Niger After Coup Topples American Ally, by Rachel Chason (The Washington Post)

Senate Shoots Down Effort to Withdraw US Troops from Niger, by Connor Echols (Responsible Statecraft)

Rand Paul Wants U.S. Troops Out of Niger, by Nick Turse (The Intercept)

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) looks over papers on the Hill in Washington, U.S., June 13, 2023. REUTERS/Leah Millis/File Photo Acquire Licensing Rights

October 24, 2023

News & Analysis
Continent At-Large
U.S. Defense Secretary Austin’s Trip to Africa: Can the U.S. Military Hold the Line in Africa?, by Daniel Volman (allAfrica)

Diaspora Initiative Looks to Tap into $1.7 Trillion African-American Purse, by Julian Pecquet (The Africa Report)

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Names Kendra Gaither President of U.S.-Africa Business Center (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

Central Africa/Sudans
Concern over Increased Shelling and Civilian Casualties in Nyala and Omdurman (U.S. Department of State)

Risch, Cornyn, Rounds, Tim Scott Ask Biden Admin to Appoint Special Envoy to Sudan (U.S. Department of State)

Military Coup d’Etat in Gabon (U.S. Department of State)

US Formally Concludes that a Military Coup Has taken Place in Gabon (Voice of America)

East Africa/Horn
US Warns Against Doing Business in Uganda, by Julian Pecquet (The Africa Report)

U.S. Government Issues a Business Advisory for Uganda (U.S. Department of State)

U.S. Offers $5 Million Reward for Shabaab’s Deputy Emir, by Bill Roggio (Long War Journal)

North Africa
Washington Accepts Continuing Turkish Military Presence in Libya (Africa Intelligence)

Southern Africa
Hamas Allegations Threaten Another Breakdown in US-South Africa Ties, by Michael Walsh (Foreign Policy Research Institute)

SA Expected to Retain its AGOA Status Despite Differences with US, by Queenin Masuabi & Peter Fabricius (Daily Maverick)

U.S. Embassy Urges Fair Resolution to Irregularities in 2023 Municipal Elections (U.S. Embassy in Mozambique)

Rapid Dollarization to Stymie Zimbabwe’s Plan to Drop Greenback, by Ray Ndlovu (Bloomberg)

West Africa
US Finally Recognizes Coup in Niger. Now What?, by Alex Thurston (Responsible Statecraft)

West Africa: Collapse of U.S. Counterterrorism Strategy in the Sahel, by Daniel Volman (allAfrica)

Joint Statement on the Meeting of the U.S.-Spain Working Group on the Sahel (U.S. Department of State)

Cardin, Risch Statement on One Year Anniversary of Black Thursday Massacre in Chad (Senate Foreign Relations Committee)

U.S. Gathers Experts to Tackle Illegal Mining in Ghana (U.S. Embassy in Ghana)

Olivier Kamanzi, Kendrall Felder and Larry Yon (left to right) launch the first in a series of African Diaspora and Friends of Africa investment summits at the Embassy of South Africa in Washington, DC on 17 October, 2023 / photo by Jati Lindsay

October 17, 2023

Continent At-Large

Biden’s Africa Policy Trilemma, by Haleigh Bartos & John Chin (The Duck of Minerva)

A Window of Opportunity to Build Critical Mineral Security in Africa, by Gracelin Baskaran (Center for Strategic & International Studies)

How the US Can Build Better Strategic Partnerships in Africa to Secure Critical Minerals, by Nii Simmonds & Shirley Martey Hargis (Atlantic Council)

US Seeks to ‘Diversify’ China-Dominated Africa Minerals Supply Chain, by Kate Bartlett (Voice of America)

Acting Special Coordinator for the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment Matza’s Travel to Angola, Zambia, DRC, and Belgium (U.S. Department of State)

How Views on Race Relations Shape African Americans’ Foreign Policy Preferences, by Christopher Shell (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

Ignoring U.S. Calls for Peace, Egypt Delivered Drones to Sudan’s Military, by Benoit Faucon, Nicholas Bariyo, Summer Said (The Wall Street Journal)

Army Command Works to Engage With African Partners, by Jim Garamone (U.S. Department of Defense)

Where the United States Spends Its Development Aid (Devex)

Central Africa/Sudans
The Dirty Business of Green Energy in Congo, by Janvier Murairi, Sophia Pickles, Jack Wolf (New Lines Magazine)

U.S. Considers Dropping Sanctions Against Israeli Billionaire in Push for EV Metals, by Summer Said, Julie Steinberg, Stephen Kalin (The Wall Street Journal)

East Africa/Horn
Optimism as Kenya-US Trade Deal Enters 3rd Round of Negotiations, by Luke Anami (The East African)

North Africa
Secretary Blinken’s Meeting with Egyptian President El-Sisi (U.S. Department of State)

Secretary Antony J. Blinken And Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi Before Their Meeting (U.S. Department of State)

Blinken Meets Resistance in Courtship of Egypt and Saudi Arabia on Gaza War, by John Hudson & Claire Parker (The Washington Post)

Behind a Senator’s Indictments, a Foreign Spy Service Works Washington, by Mark Mazzetti & Vivian Lee (The New York Times)

U.S.-Algeria Strategic Dialogue (U.S. Department of State)

Southern Africa
US Universities Help Malawi Establish First AI Center, by Lameck Masina (Voice of America)

Time for US to Revise Its Integrated Country Strategy for Zimbabwe, by Michael Walsh & Charles Ray (Times Live)

West Africa
Military Coup d’Etat in Niger (U.S. Department of State)

US Declares July Takeover in Niger Was a Military Coup, by Daphne Psaledakis & Phil Stewart (Reuters)

The US Declares the Ousting of Niger’s President a Coup and Suspends Military Aid and Training, by Sam Mednick & Tara Copp (Associated Press)

US Suspends Niger Aid Over Coup While Keeping Military Bases, by Henry Meyer & Nick Wadhams (Bloomberg)

US and France Seek New Host Country for Drone Base After Niger Coup, by Ekene Lionel (Military Africa)

US Takes Harder Stance in Niger with ‘Coup’ Designation, by Julian Pecquet (The Africa Report)

Collapse of US Counterterrorism Strategy in the Sahel, by Daniel Volman (African Security Research Project)

Amid a Region Rife with Coups and Instability, Ghana is a Democratic Bulwark, by Donna Charles (United States Institute of Peace)

Ghana’s Akufo-Addo Urges US Not to Abandon Africa Amid Crises in Israel and Ukraine, by Julian Pecquet (The Africa Report)

FILE – A worker moves bags of lithium carbonate at an Albemarle Corp. facility, Oct. 6, 2022, in Silver Peak, Nev.

October 10, 2023

Top Pick
Africa Matters (The Wilson Quarterly)

Continent At-Large
US Consistency Is the First Casualty in Rash of African Coups, by Alex Thurston (Responsible Statecraft)

Africa Is Front and Center at IMF as US-China Rivalry Heats Up, by Ekow Dontoh, Mirette Magdy, Alister Bull (Bloomberg)

Silver Lining for African Countries of Silicon Valley Bank’s Demise, by Hippolyte Fofack (Brookings Institution)

French Decline in Africa Paves the Way for US, by Zineb Riboua (Washington Examiner)

Central Africa/Sudans
The U.S. Needs to Step Up in Sudan, by Cameron Hudson (World Politics Review)

US Suspends Military Aid to Rwanda Over Support for M23 Rebels in DRC, by Julian Pecquet & Romain Gras (The Africa Report)

US Extends Deportation Relief for Immigrants from Cameroon (Reuters)

East Africa/Horn
Despite One of the US Military’s Greatest Fiascoes, American Troops Are Still in Somalia Fighting an Endless War, by Jason C. Mueller (The Conversation)

U.S. Resumes Food Aid for Refugees in Ethiopia, by Abdi Latif Dahir (The New York Times)

North Africa
The Senate Begins to Stand Up to Egypt’s Dictator, by the Editorial Board (The Washington Post)

The Menendez Fiasco: Implications for US-Egyptian Relations, by Khalil E. Jahshan (Arab Center Washington DC)

Biden Administration to Work with Congress on Egypt Aid Concerns – State Dept, by Simon Lewis (Reuters)

Chairman Cardin Statement on Foreign Military Financing to Egypt (Senate Foreign Relations Committee)

US Senator Blocks Egypt Military Aid Over Rights (Agence France Presse)

Special Online Press Briefing with Ambassador Richard Norland, U.S. Special Envoy for Libya (U.S. Department of State)

Southern Africa
Washington ‘Recommits’ to Improve Bilateral Relations with South Africa, by Ignatius Annor (Voice of America)

Washington, Pretoria ‘Reaffirm and Recommit’ After Public Spat Over Russia, by Anita Powell (Voice of America)

Readout of National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s Call with National Security Advisor Sydney Mufamadi of South Africa (The White House)

U.S. Mission Statement on Free and Fair Elections for the Official Campaign Season (U.S. Embassy in Madagascar)

West Africa
US Preparing to Officially Designate Military Takeover in Niger as a Coup d’Etat After Months of Delay, Officials Say, by Natasha Bertrand, Oren Liebermann, Alex Marquardt (CNN)

Liberia: US Threatens Visa Ban on Election Saboteurs, by Darlington Porkpa (The Africa Report)

Statement by Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield on Liberia’s Upcoming Elections (United States Mission to the United Nations)

Nigeria: Tinubu Rival Enlists US Courts to Swing Election Judgement, by Eniola Akinkuotu (The Africa Report)

Secretary Blinken’s Call with Nigerien President Bazoum (U.S. Department of State)

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa. File photo. Image: REUTERS/PHILIMON BULAWAYO

October 3, 2023

Top Pick
America Needs a New Strategy in Somalia: A Narrow Focus on Counterterrorism Won’t Bring Peace, by Sarah Harrison (Foreign Affairs)

Continent At-Large
U.S. Defense Secretary Tours Africa, by Jack Detsch (Foreign Policy)

US Defense Secretary Completes First Tour Across Africa, by Carla Babb (Voice of America)

A Partnership of Principle and Progress: Remarks by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III During a Trip to Africa (U.S. Department of Defense)

Austin Pledges Support to African Partners, by Jim Garamone (U.S. Department of Defense)

President Biden Announces the Inaugural Members of the President’s Advisory Council on African Diaspora Engagement in the United States (The White House)

Meet Joe Biden’s 12 Diaspora Bridge Builders to Africa, by Julian Pecquet (The Africa Report)

New Initiative Aims to Connect US to Africa, by Anita Powell (Voice of America)

The Biden Administration Is Dangerously Downplaying the Global Terrorism Threat, by Charles Lister (Foreign Policy)

How Can African Countries Participate in U.S. Clean Energy Supply Chains?, by Zainab Usman & Alexander Csanadi (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

Imperial Footprints in Africa: The Dismal Role of AFRICOM, by Binoy Kampmark (International Policy Digest)

Kennedy Introduces Bill to Extend African Growth and Opportunity Act (Office of U.S. Senator John Kennedy)

Central Africa/Sudans
Foreign Assistance Programs and Events in Gabon (U.S. Department of State)

US Suspends Foreign Assistance Programs to Gabon Following Military Coup (France 24)

U.S. Fears Sudan’s War Will Worsen Humanitarian Crisis, by Jack Detsch (Foreign Policy)

Designating Actors Undermining the Peace, Security, and Stability of Sudan (U.S. Department of State)

US Imposes Sanctions on Former Sudanese Minister and 2 Companies Backing the Paramilitary Force, by Jack Jeffery (Associated Press)

Cameroon: Anglophone Separatists Hire Lobby Firm for US and UN Push, by Julian Pecquet (The Africa Report)

Africa’s Regional Forces Are Not Ready to Bring Peace in the DRC, the USA Says, by Lenin Ndebele (News 24)

East Africa/Horn
America Finally Finds Some Success in the War on Terror, by Michael M. Phillips (The Wall Street Journal)

Boost for Terror Fight as US, Kenya Sign Pact (The East African)

Austin Praises Kenya’s Commitment to Regional Peace, by Joseph Clark (U.S. Department of Defense)

Secretary Blinken’s Call with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy (U.S. Department of State)

North Africa
Senate Democrat Threatens to Block More of Military Aid to Egypt, by Karoun Demirjian (The New York Times)

U.S. General Met Notorious Libyan Warlord, by Nick Turse (The Intercept)

Southern Africa
Secretary Blinken’s Meeting with South African Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Pandor (U.S. Department of State)

Secretary Antony J. Blinken And South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor Before Their Meeting (U.S. Department of State)

West Africa
If the US Exits Niger, the Terrorists and Russians Win, by Andreas Kuth (Bloomberg)

After Siding With the West, Liberia is Now Aligned With China on Sensitive Territorial Issues, by Eric Olander (China Global South Project)

Visa Restriction Policy on Undermining Democracy in Liberia (U.S. Department of State)

Recent Events
Zimbabwe Elections Impact on US Foreign Policy, September 26, 10:30am EDT (Howard University)

One Year Later, What Is the Status of the U.S. Strategy Towards Africa?, September 26, 2:00pm EDT (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

The Future of Homeland Security: Addressing the Rise of Terrorism in Africa, September 27, 10:00am EDT (House Committee on Homeland Security)

Examining the Current U.S.-South Africa Bilateral Relationship, September 27, 2:00pm EDT (House Foreign Affairs Committee)

Politics and Security in the Democratic Republic of Congo, September 27, 2:00pm EDT (Center for Strategic & International Studies)

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin visits Nairobi, Kenya, on Sept. 26. TONY KARUMBA/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

September 26, 2023

Top Pick
Why the New Cold War Will Split Africa: And How America Can Win Over the Continent, by Brett L. Carter (Foreign Affairs)

Continent At-Large
The U.S. Needs a New Africa Strategy, by Paul Du Quenoy (Newsweek)

Will Biden Visit Africa This Year?, by Witney Schneidman & Gracelin Baskaran (Brookings Institution)

Austin to Visit Key Allies in Africa Amid Bloody Struggles on the Continent, by Doug G. Ware (Stars and Stripes)

Pentagon Chief on Africa Tour Focusing on Defense Issues, by Carla Babb & Harun Maruf (Voice of America)

Biden Officials Focus on African Crises at United Nations Gathering, by Michael Crowley (The New York Times)

Wagner’s African Hosts Regret Letting Them In, by Jack Detsch (Foreign Policy)

The Elusive Figure Running Wagner’s Embattled Empire of Gold and Diamonds, by Benoit Faucon & Gabriele Steinhauser (The Wall Street Journal)

France’s Defeat in Africa Is A Warning Sign to the US, by Tom O’Connor (Newsweek)

China’s Space Collaboration with Africa: Implications and Recommendations for the United States, by Julie Michelle Klinger & Temidayo Isaiah Oniosun (United States Institute of Peace)

Republican Lawmakers in the U.S. Propose Yet Another Strategy to Challenge China’s Belt and Road Initiative, by Eric Olander (China Global South Project)

U.S. Plan Envisions Factories in Africa for Surging EV Battery Demand, by Joe Davidson (The Washington Post)

A Renewal of US-Africa Trade Law Without Changes Is a Lost Opportunity, Tai Says, by Ana Monteiro (Bloomberg)

Unlocking Africa’s Agricultural Potential, by Aubrey Hruby & Fatima Ezzahra Mengoub (Atlantic Council)

Ukraine Isn’t the Only Front in the Battle to Save Democracy, by K. Riva Levinson (The Messenger)

Central Africa/Sudans
U.S. Sudan Sanctions Won’t Work Without the UAE’s Help, by Yasir Zaidan (Foreign Policy)

Biden Rejects Meeting with Kiir (Sudans Post)

South Sudan Inks Deal with U.S.-Based Firm to Acquire Petronas Shares, by Baria Johnson (Eye Radio)

Rwanda’s President Says He’ll Run for a Fourth Term and Doesn’t Care What the West Thinks About It, by Ignatius Ssuuna & Cara Anna (Associated Press)

East Africa/Horn
US Pledges $100M to Back Proposed Kenyan-Led Multinational Force to Haiti, by Matthew Lee & Dánica Coto (Associated Press)

US and Kenya Sign Defense Agreement Ahead of Planned Haiti Deployment, by Evelyne Musambi (Associated Press)

MCC Awards Kenya $60 Million to Help Improve Urban Transport, by Mariama Diallo (Voice of America)

Secretary Blinken’s Meeting with Kenyan President Ruto (U.S. Department of State)

State Dept. Contractor Is Accused of Stealing Satellite Imagery of Africa, by Adam Goldman (The New York Times)

State and Justice Dept. Contractor Charged with Spying for Ethiopia, by Spencer S. Hsu (The Washington Post)

Austin Praises ‘Impressive Progress’ in Somali Fight Against al-Shabab, by Carla Babb (Voice of America)

US Defense Chief Meets Djibouti President, Defense Minister, by Mohammed Dhaysane (Anadolu Agency)

North Africa
Why Everyone Is Courting Mauritania, by Samuel Ramani (Foreign Policy)

Menendez Accused of Brazen Bribery Plot, Taking Cash and Gold, by Benjamin Weiser, Tracey Tully, William K. Rashbaum (The New York Times)

US Forces Fly in Much-Needed Aid to Libya After Major Floods, by Zamone Perez (MilitaryTimes)

Gen. Michael Langley’s Libya Visit Highlights USAID Humanitarian Aid Efforts and Bilateral Cooperation (AFRICOM)

AFRICOM Chief Meets Khalifa Haftar in Libya (The New Arab)

Informal Consultations on Supporting Libya’s Political Process on the Margins of the U.N. General Assembly (U.S. Department of State)

AFRICOM Commander Visits Tunisia (AFRICOM)

Southern Africa
South Africa to Host US-Africa Trade Summit Despite Russia Spat (Reuters)

South Africa’s Decision to Host US-Africa Trade Summit Sparks Diplomatic Tensions, by Victor Oluwole (Business Insider Africa)

Ramaphosa Goes on Charm Offensive During US Visit, by Lizeka Tandwa (Mail & Guardian)

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hosts President of South Africa To Deepen Bilateral Trade and Investment Ties (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

U.S., Mozambique Sign $537M Connectivity and Coastal Resilience Compact (Millennium Challenge Corporation)

Austin Lauds Mozambique’s Leadership on Regional Security (U.S. Department of Defense)

Mozambique-U.S. Seek to Deepen Defence, Security Ties (Africanews)

US Government Raises Concern Over Attacks on Opposition Supporters (New Zimbabwe)

West Africa
US Companies ‘Willing to Make More Investments’ in Nigeria, by Ben Ezeamalu (The Africa Report)

US to ‘Evaluate’ Next Steps After French Announce Niger Withdrawal: Austin (Agence France Presse)

Readout of Justice Department Officials’ Trip to Ghana and Togo to Advance West Africa Consumer Fraud Initiative (U.S. Department of Justice)

U.S. Africa Command, Côte d’Ivoire Armed Forces Host the West Africa Logistics Conference in Abidjan (AFRICOM)

United States and Côte d’Ivoire Launch Child Protection Compact Partnership Activities (U.S. Department of State)

Technical managers at the SOMELEC, The Mauritanian Electricity Company, talk with each other at the turbines field at the 30MW Nouakchott Wind Power Station in Nouakchott, Mauritania on March 21. MARCO LONGARI/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

September 19, 2023

Top Pick

Washington Must Not Allow Another Stolen Election in Congo, by Stephen R. Weissman & Anthony Gambino (Foreign Policy)

Continent At-Large
US and EU Join Forces on Rail Corridor in Play for African Minerals, by Julian Pecquet (The Africa Report)

The US and EU Are Doubling Down on Africa’s Strategic Corridors, by J. Peter Pham (The Hill)

Biden’s BRI Moment, by Peter Fabricius (Institute for Security Studies)

Further Downhill for African Democracy Efforts, by Michelle Gavin (Council on Foreign Relations)

How to Reverse a Coup, with Todd Moss, by Santi Ruiz (Statecraft)

US, Norway to Launch Africa Agriculture Fund, Commit $70 Million, by Daphne Psaledakis (Reuters)

Afrobarometer Delegation in Washington: Data-Driven Policy Solutions to Take Center Stage in Engagement with US Africa Policy Actors (Modern Ghana)

Central Africa/Sudans
The New Crisis in Darfur: What America, the African Union, and the UN Can Do to Stop the Killing, by Alex de Waal (Foreign Affairs)

On Civilian Casualties in Sudan (U.S. Department of State)

Museveni Defiant as US Firms Stop Uganda Imports Over Anti-Gay Law, by Andrew Bagala (Monitor Uganda)

How America Has Funded UPDF, by Chris Kayonga (Monitor Uganda)

East Africa/Horn
Kenya Is Most Stable Democracy in Africa – Meg Whitman, by Magdaline Saya (The Star)

In San Francisco, Kenya’s President Woos American Tech Companies Despite Increasing Taxes at Home, by Evelyne Musambi (Associated Press)

US Gave ‘Remote’ Help to Somali Military Operation That Killed Civilians, by Harun Maruf & Falastine Iman (Voice of America)

Al-Shabaab Leaders Fires Warning at US, Threatens Revenge (Garowe Online)

North Africa
US to Withhold $85 Million Aid to Egypt Over Political Detentions, by Humeyra Pamuk & Arshad Mohammed (Reuters)

See Why the US Has Decided to Withhold $85 Million Worth of Military Aid from Egypt, by Chinedu Okafor (Business Insider Africa)

Choosing Security Over Rights, U.S. Approves $235 Million in Egypt Aid, by Michael Crowley & Vivian Yee (The New York Times)

United States Supports Libyan Response to Devastating Floods, Activates a Disaster Assistance Response Team to the Region (United States Agency for International Development)

United States Expresses Support for Earthquake-Affected Communities in Morocco (United States Agency for International Development)

Southern Africa
SA and US Aim to Put AGOA Storm Behind Them (Business Day)

U.S. Military Hegemony a Tool for Exploitation, Says Zimbabwean Politician (Xinhua – Chinese State Media)

United States Announces Donation of Helicopters to Zambia Air Force (AFRICOM)

West Africa
U.S. Resumes Drone Operations From Niger, by Michael R. Gordon (The Wall Street Journal)

US Military Resumes Surveillance Flights Over Niger (Agence France Presse)

US Resumes Some Drone Operations in Niger for Force Protection, by Jeff Schogol (Task & Purpose)

The Real Meaning of Niger’s Coup: Will Anger at the West Entrench a New Authoritarian Order?, by Ebenezer Obadare (Foreign Affairs)

Deputy Treasury Secretary to Visit Nigeria to Bolster Economic Ties, by Alan Rappeport (The New York Times)

Stable Naira, Graft End Top US-Nigeria Goals, Adeyemo Says, by Anthony Osae-Brown (Bloomberg)

US Treasury’s Adeyemo Urges Nigeria to Work on Stable Currency, Fight Corruption (Reuters)

US Chamber of Commerce Hosts Nigerian President Tinubu for NASDAQ Bell Ringing (Zawya)

Nigeria, US, France to Boost Security in Gulf of Guinea (APA News)

Sierra Leone President Says US Pressured Him To Interfere In Vote (Agence France Presse)

Anti-George Weah Lobbying Gathers Steam in Washington (Africa Intelligence)

Joe Biden speaks with Felix Tshisekedi Photographer: Evan Vucci/AFP/Getty Images

September 13, 2023

Top Pick
US Response to Gabon and Niger Coups Suggests Need for a New West Africa Policy in Washington, by Julius A. Amin (The Conversation)

Continent At-Large
Africa’s Future Will Be Shaped by Africans, Not Outside Powers, by Alexander Clarkson (World Politics Review)

Why the US May Not Be the Partner of Choice for a Rising Africa, by Tom O’Connor (Newsweek)

Africa’s Dual Battle with Progress and Chaos, by Ahmed Charai (The National Interest)

Africa’s Coup Epidemic Reveals Weakness in Washington, by Yinka Adegoke (New York Post)

Recent African Coups: End of Françafrique, Need for US Leadership, by J. Peter Pham (The Jerusalem Strategic Tribune)

Coups, Counterterrorism, and Competition, by Katherine Zimmerman (The Liberal Patriot)

In African ‘Coup Belt,’ Western Values Must Now Compete, by Howard LaFranchi (The Christian Science Monitor)

In Africa, Russia Is Playing the West Like a Fiddle, by Ken Opalo (An Africanist Perspective)

Pentagon Misled Congress about U.S. Bases in Africa, by Nick Turse (The Intercept)

U.S.-Africa Policy Adrift, by James Jay Carafano (GIS Reports)

U.S., Saudi Arabia in Talks to Secure Metals for EVs, by Summer Said, Julie Steinberg, Stephen Kalin (The Wall Street Journal)

Parallel Lines – US and China Vie for African Rail Dominance, by Ben Payton (African Business)

Walmart Goes All In on Africa, by Alexandra Wexler (The Wall Street Journal)

A Year on the Road with “Advance with Africa”, by Ellington Arnold (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

China, US Pledge Millions in Extra Help for Africa at Climate Summit, by Jevans Nyabiage (South China Morning Post)

United States Announces Key Investments During Africa Climate Summit (U.S. Department of State)

Central Africa/Sudans
Is the US Picking Sides in Sudan’s Civil War?, by Julian Pecquet (The Africa Report)

US Envoy Visits Chad Border with Sudan, Vows to Respond to Atrocities, by Michelle Nichols (Reuters)

Actions Against Senior Rapid Support Forces Commanders in Sudan (U.S. Department of State)

Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield Announces Nearly $163 Million in Additional Humanitarian Assistance for the Sudan Emergency Response (U.S. Department of State)

East Africa/Horn
US Injects $2 Million to Somali Army, to Bolster Al-Shabaab War (Garowe Online)

Airstrike Aimed at Al-Shabab Extremists in Somalia Kills Civilians (Garowe Online)

U.S. Forces Conducts Medical Evacuation of Injured Civilians in Support of the Federal Government of Somalia (AFRICOM)

Contractor for U.S. Government Charged With Spying for Ethiopia, Officials Say, by Adam Goldman & Glenn Tursh (The New York Times)

Why President Ruto Is America’s New ‘Mr Nice’ in Africa, by John Kamau (Nation Africa)

North Africa
The United States Reaffirms Its Support for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan for Western Sahara as “Serious, Credible and Realistic”, by Raúl Redondo (Atalayar)

Secretary Blinken’s Call with Foreign Minister Bourita of Morocco (U.S. Department of State)

On the Earthquake in Morocco (U.S. Department of State)

Southern Africa
U.S., EU Unveil Next Steps in the Expansion of Angola’s Lobito Corridor Railway, by Eric Olander (China Global South Project)

West Africa
The US Must Tread More Carefully in Niger, by Adekeye Adebajo (Bloomberg)

What is the United States Doing in Niger?, by Ron Paul (The Orange County Register)

US Drone Flights Limited Since Niger Coup, by Carla Babb (Voice of America)

US Military Repositions Some Troops in Niger, Pulls Non-Essential Personnel (Reuters)

September 5, 2023

Top Pick
Niger’s Coup and America’s Choice: Washington Should Push for Mediation, Not Military Intervention, by Hannah Rae Armstrong (Foreign Affairs)

Continent At-Large
Matt Gaetz Wants to Make the Pentagon Answer for Training Coup Leaders, by Nick Turse (The Intercept)

The United States Marine Corps Is Not Designed for Deployment in Africa, by Glen Segell (London School of Economics)

What is Wagner’s “Value Proposition” in Africa?, by J. Peter Pham (The National Interest)

U.S. Africa Command Hosts the 2023 Strategic Religious Affairs Conference, by Jonathan Bell, Ryan Bareng, Robert Blalock (AFRICOM)

International Day for People of African Descent (U.S. Department of State)

Central Africa/Sudans
A Darling of the West, He Wore Out His Welcome at Home, by Declan Walsh & Dionne Searcey (The New York Times)

‘Obama’s Man in Africa’ Under House Arrest as Popular Coup Rocks Gabon, by Max Blumenthal (The Gray Zone)

Events in Gabon (U.S. Department of State)

Kagame Promotes General Sanctioned by US for War in DR Congo, by Patrick Ilunga (The East African)

East Africa/Horn
Rwanda President Says U.S. Puts Minerals Over Values in Africa, by Steve Clemons (Semafor)

North Africa
Why Libya’s Cackhanded Israel Diplomacy Is Bad for America, Too (The Economist)

U.S. and Moroccan Armies Conduct Joint CBRN Training Exercise in Agadir, Utilizing Revolutionary USC Truck, by Shae Cox (DVIDS)

Morocco-US Military Cooperation Discussed with Congressmen Delegation in Rabat (North Africa Post)

Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Phee’s Conversation with Algerian Foreign Minister Attaf (U.S. Department of State)

Southern Africa
South African Inquiry Rebuts U.S. Charge on Russian Arms, by John Eligon & Lynsey Chutel (The New York Times)

Trade Between US and South Africa Is Mutually Beneficial If It Doesn’t Compromise SA’s Sovereignty, by Lyndall Singh (Mail & Guardian)

Automotive Sector Warns SA Must Not Lose Its AGOA Ties, by Banele Ginindza (IOL)

In China’s Shadow, U.S. Rushes Back to Neglected Indian Ocean Island, by Liz Sly (The Washington Post)

Zimbabwe Elections: South Africa, US Note Observer Concerns (Reuters)

The Starkly Different Responses by the U.S. and China to Zimbabwe’s Controversial Election, by Eric Olander (China Global South Project)

Disquiet Over US Military Bases in SADC, by Savious Kwinika (Caj News Africa)

USAID Deputy Administrator Isobel Coleman Travels to Tanzania and Malawi (U.S. Agency for International Development)

West Africa
The Niger Coup’s Outsized Global Impact, by Gilles Yabi (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

Shocked by Niger Coup, Victoria Nuland Appeared “Desperate” During Africa Tour, by Anya Parampil (The Gray Zone)

U.S. Throws France Under the Bus After Niger Coup, by Konrad Yakabuski (The Globe and Mail)

Visa Restriction Policy on Undermining the Democratic Process in Sierra Leone (U.S. Department of State)

President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken participate in the U.S.-Africa Summit Leaders Session on partnering on the African Union’s Agenda 2063 in Washington, D.C., on December 15, 2022. [State Department Photo by Ron Przysucha]

August 28, 2023

Top Picks
Is Niger’s Coup the Sahel’s Last Straw?, by Robbie Gramer (Foreign Policy)

The United States Should Work With the Sahel’s New Juntas, by Colin P. Clarke & Michael Shurkin (World Politics Review)

Continent At-Large
Why Ignoring Malaria in Africa Undermines U.S. Interests, by Sohini Chatterjee & Mark P. Lagon (The National Interest)

Case Studies: US Military Assistance in Africa Doesn’t Work, by Jim Lobe (Responsible Statecraft)

United States Turns Focus to Africa in Shifting Global Landscape, by Alemitu Homa (Addis Standard)

China Tries to Increase Its Clout in Africa Amid Rivalry With the U.S., by David Pierson and Lynsey Chutel (The New York Times)

Central Africa/Sudans
The Central African Republic’s Constitutional Referendum (U.S. Department of State)

US Calls on Central African Republic to Announce Date for Local Elections, by Kanishka Singh (Reuters)

U.S. Sanctions Individuals Contributing to the Recent Escalation of Conflict in the DRC (U.S. Department of State)

US Sanctions 6 Rwandans, Congolese Over Conflict in Eastern DRC, by Patrick Ilunga (The East African)

On Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in Sudan (U.S. Department of State)

Elections in Gabon (U.S. Department of State)

East Africa/Horn
US Air Strike Said to Kill 13 Al-Shabaab Militants in Somalia (Reuters)

Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa Hammer Travels to Kenya and Ethiopia (U.S. Department of State)

North Africa
Secretary Blinken’s Call with Foreign Minister Shoukry of Egypt (U.S. Department of State)

Southern Africa
Election Results in Zimbabwe (U.S. Department of State)

Presidential Elections in Zimbabwe (U.S. Department of State)

USAID Calls for Immediate Release of Detained Members of Zimbabwe Civil Society (U.S. Agency for International Development)

Risch Statement on Elections in Zimbabwe (Senate Foreign Relations Committee)

West Africa
US Says Niger Has Not Told US Ambassador to Leave the Country (Reuters)

15 US-Backed Officers Had Hand in 12 West African Coups, by Nick Turse (Responsible Statecraft)

Can West Africa Survive the Coup in Niger?, by Komlan Avoulete (Foreign Policy Research Institute)

The US Targeted His Assets. Nigeria Made Him Budget Minister, by William Clowes (Bloomberg)

Presidents Tinubu, Biden to Meet at UN, Likely Discuss Niger (Voice of America)

Assistant Secretary Phee’s Travel to Nigeria, Chad, and Ghana (U.S. Department of State)

Source: Brown Political Review

August 21, 2023

Top Picks
The United States Should Decouple It’s West Africa Policy from France, by Ken Opalo (The Africanist Perspective)

Less is More: A New Strategy for US Security Assistance to Africa, by Elizabeth Shackelford, Ethan Kessler, Emma Sanderson (The Chicago Council on Global Affairs)

Continent At-Large
Takeaways from a Landscaping Analysis of African Organizations with Impact Evaluation Capacity, by Justin Hurley, Janeen Madan Keller, Erin Collinson (Center for Global Development)

Africa Is Being Courted by China, Russia and the US. Why the Continent Shouldn’t Pick Sides, by Bhaso Ndzendze (The Conversation)

Progress and Promise – Delivering on the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit Partnership, by Johnnie Carson (allAfrica)

What a U.S.-DRC-Zambia Electric Vehicle Batteries Deal Reveals About the New U.S. Approach Toward Africa, by Folashadé Soulé (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

America Has Lost the War Against Islamist Terror in Africa, by Nick Turse (The Spectator)

Is Western Media’s Perception of Africa Racist?, by Ramzy Baroud (Common Dreams)

Central Africa/Sudans
Designation of Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Public Officials for Significant Corruption (U.S. Department of State)

US Imposes Visa Ban on Congolese Officials for Trafficking Wildlife to China, by Patrick Ilunga (The East African)

US Calls On Rwanda, DR Congo to De-Escalate (Agence France Presse)

On Fighting in Nyala in South Darfur, Sudan (U.S. Department of State)

East Africa/Horn
Kenya and the US Are Negotiating a Trade Deal That Could Be a Model for Africa – But Its Position on Workers Needs a Rethink, by Uche Ewelukwa Ofodile (The Conversation)

Whitman Says US-Kenya Bilateral Trade Pact to Be Concluded by End of Year, by Wangechi Purity (Capital News)

Kenya’s 2022 Election Was Free and Fair – US Ambassador Maintains, by Felix Kipkemoi (The Star)

US Ambassador Whitman Caught Up in Kenya Political Crossfire, by Otieno Otieno (The East African)

Keep Your Mouth Shut – Raila Tells Off US Ambassador Meg Whitman, by Brian Oruta (The Star)

Ruto Defends US Envoy Meg Whitman Over Raila’s Onslaught, by Esther Nyambura (The Standard)

US Says Airstrike Kills 5 al-Shabaab Terrorists in Somalia, by Natasha Bertrand (CNN)

U.S. Forces Provide Assistance to Somalia National Army (AFRICOM)

Honorable Mara Karlin Concludes Visit to Djibouti (U.S. Department of Defense)

Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa Mike Hammer Travels to Stockholm and Brussels (U.S. Department of State)

North Africa
Advocates Cite Mauritania’s Ongoing Slavery in Pushing for End to Deportations, by Rafael Bernal (The Hill)

Thousands More Mauritanians Are Making Their Way to the US, Thanks to a Route Spread on Social Media, by Jake Offenhartz, Patrick Orsagos and Renata Brito (Associated Press)

Southern Africa
In the Battle for Economic Primacy, Where Does AGOA Fit?, by Sarah Smit (Mail & Guardian)

Brigety Stays Put, by Lizeka Tandwa (Mail & Guardian)

Anti-Zimbabwe Media Blackout Unsettles US (Bulawayo 24)

The United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) Commander Reinforces U.S.-Mozambique Security Cooperation (African Business)

West Africa
Biden Must Immediately Call Niger’s Coup a ‘Coup’, by Austin S. Matthews (The Hill)

Niger Junta Appoints U.S.-Trained Military Officers to Key Jobs, by Nick Turse (The Intercept)

Arrival of Ambassador Kathleen FitzGibbon to Niger (U.S. Department of State)

New US Envoy Now In Niger, But No Policy Change: State Dept (Agence France Presse)

US Readying Plans to Evacuate Drone Bases If Necessary Under Niger’s New Junta, Commander Says, by Ellen Knickmayer (Associated Press)

Coup in Niger Upends U.S. Terrorism Fight and Could Open a Door for Russia, by Eric Schmitt, Declan Walsh and Elian Peltier (The New York Times)

‘It’s Like a Bad Monster Movie’: U.S. Officials Who Helped Train Nigerien Troops Reel from Coup, by Lara Seligman & Nahal Toosi (Politico)

Blindsided: Hours Before the Coup in Niger, U.S. Diplomats Said the Country Was Stable, by Courtney Kube, Mosheh Gains and Dan De Luce (NBC News)

Did American Diplomacy Under Biden ‘Lose’ Niger?, by Simon Hankinson & Brett Schaefer (The Daily Signal)

Niger: A Longtime Bastion of Stability in West Africa Could Drive Destabilization, by Riley Moeder & Tammy Palacios (New Lines Institute for Strategy and Policy)

Niger’s Coup Shows the West’s Peril in Africa, by François Baird (The Wall Street Journal)

Niger Coup: Will the West Change Its Security Approach to the Sahel?, by Ismail Numan Telci & Fuat Emir Sefkatli (Al-Jazeera)

Niger’s Coup Will Likely Lead to More NATO Intervention, by Marc Ramsingh (Louisville Cardinal)

US Deeply Concerned by Threat of Worsening Violence in Mali (Reuters)

Controversial S.Leone Radio Interview With US Envoy Airs (Agence France Presse)

Pressure Mounts on Illegitimate President Bio as US Envoy Condemns Planned Electoral Review, by Abdul Rashid Thomas (The Sierra Leone Telegraph)

The president of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo and the vice president of America, Kamala Harris

August 15, 2023

Top Picks
The Deluge Facing Africa’s Leaders Is Going to Get Worse, by Alex de Waal (The New York Times)

How to Respond to Niger’s Coup — and Prevent the Next One, by Joseph Sany (United States Institute of Peace)

West Africa’s Grim Trajectory, by Santiago Stocker (Just Security)

Continent At-Large
Russia-US: Will the Real Friend of Africa Please Stand Up?, by Musinguzi Blanshe (The Africa Report)

Africa After Prigozhin Is an Opportunity for the West, by Jaynisha Patel (Foreign Policy)

If Your Country Is Falling Apart, the Wagner Group Will Be There, by Colin P. Clarke (The New York Times)

It’s Time for U.S. Agriculture Leaders to Challenge China in Africa, by Kip E. Tom (The National Interest)

Fraying Bonds: The Erosion of U.S.-Africa Relations, by Tahir Abbas (Modern Diplomacy)

AFRICOM Belongs Here in Charleston, by Ken Ryan (The Post and Courier)

Secretary Antony J. Blinken With Waihiga Mwaura of BBC Focus on Africa (U.S. Department of State)

Central Africa/Sudans
US Issues Advisory Highlighting Risks of Doing Business in South Sudan (Reuters)

East Africa/Horn
US Vetoes Compensation of Embassy Blast Victims, by Luke Anami (The East African)

North Africa
Morocco Looks Beyond US, France in Arms Race with Algeria, by Achraf Tijani (The Africa Report)

Southern Africa
Upcoming National Elections Complicate Efforts to Reset US-South Africa Relations, by Michael Walsh (Foreign Policy Research Institute)

South Africa Pushing for US Ambassador Reuben Brigety’s Expulsion, by Sarah Smit (Mail & Guardian)

‘Aggressive Push’ to Expel US Ambassador from SA as Government Data Shows No Weapons Exports to Russia, by Ed Stoddard (Daily Maverick)

Reflections on “A U.S. Envoy’s Tongue-Lashing of South Africa Infuriates Foggy Bottom”, by Michael Walsh (Medium)

How Zimbabwe’s Charm Offensive with the West Went South, by Julian Pecquet (The Africa Report)

Zimbabwe’s Impending Elections: A Challenge for International Observers, by Larry Garber (Just Security)

US Think Tank Urges Zimbabweans to ‘Show Commitment for Democracy’ Ahead of Poll, by Lenin Ndebele (News 24)

West Africa
Niger Is Not Just a Western Problem, by Jack Detsch (Foreign Policy)

A Key Lesson from the Niger Crisis: Africans, Not Global Powers, Will Plot the Continent’s Path, by Nesrine Malik (The Guardian)

The Coup in Niger Threatens American Interests, by Francois Baird (The National Interest)

Niger Needs America’s Help, by Mamadou Kiari Liman-Tinguiri (The Wall Street Journal)

Time to Change US Policy Toward Niger and Its West African Neighbors, by C. William Walldorf Jr. (Defense One)

At Center of Niger’s Coup Is One of America’s Favorite Generals, by Michael M. Phillips (The Wall Street Journal)

At Least Five Members of Niger Junta Were Trained by U.S., by Nick Turse (The Intercept)

US Military Mission in Niger in Focus After Coup, by Idrees Ali & Daphne Psaledakis (Reuters)

U.S. Forces Under ‘Protection Measures’ As African Troops Deploy for Niger, by Tom O’Connor (Newsweek)

How the Niger Coup Unfolded, by Vanda Felbab-Brown (Brookings Institution)

Did the Niger Coup Just Succeed? And Other Questions Answered About What’s Next in the Sahel (New Atlanticist, Atlantic Council)

US to Hold Niger Military Junta Accountable for Detained Leader’s Safety, Blinken Says, by Kanishka Singh (Reuters)

US and UN Concerned for Ousted Niger President Mohamed Bazoum’s Health, by Thomas Mackintosh (BBC)

Defense Official Says Force Posture in Niger Is Unchanged, by David Vergun (Department of Defense)

Ghana’s Trade with the US Hits a Record High $1.8 Billion Trade Surplus, by Chinedu Okafor (Business Insider Africa)

PM Abiy and Sec. Blinken in December last year during the US-Africa Summit in Washingotn D.C.. Photo: PMO

August 8, 2023

Top Picks
U.S. Seeks to Balance Security and Human Rights in Turbulent West Africa, by Rachel Chason & John Hudson (The Washington Post)

Putting the Recent Coups in the Sahel in Broader Perspective, by Ken Opalo (An Africanist Perspective)

President of Niger: My Country Is Under Attack and I’ve Been Taken Hostage, by Mohamed Bazoum (The Washington Post)

Continent At-Large
Africa’s Critical Minerals Could Power America’s Green Energy Transition, by Witney Schneidman & Vera Songwe (Foreign Policy)

US Fashion Brands Urge Early Renewal of Africa Trade Program, by Olivia Rockeman (Bloomberg)

Does U.S. Military Training Embolden Coup Plotters in Africa?, by Emma Ashford & Matthew Kroenig (Foreign Policy)

The Wagner Group in Africa Serves Putin’s Global Ambitions, by Zineb Riboua (The Wall Street Journal)

Putin and Wagner Are Still Gunning for Africa, by James Stavridis (Bloomberg)

Kleptocratic Cooperation in Africa: How Russia and China Undermine Democracy, by J.R. Mailey, Andrea Ngombet Malewa, Ed. Melissa Aten (National Endowment for Democracy)

Preserving the Diversity Visa Helps the U.S. Counter Chinese and Russian Influence in Africa, by Gil Guerra (Niskanen Center)

U.S. Lawmakers Want to Sell More Stuff to Africa and Latin America to Counter China, by Eric Olander (China Global South Project)

Foreign Aid: A Political Weapon or Goodwill?, by Keifala Kanneh (Modern Ghana)

Joint Statement on Working Group on African and Global Issues (U.S. Department of State)

Secretary Blinken’s Remarks at the Mandela Washington Fellowship Summit for Young African Leaders (U.S. Department of State)

Central Africa/Sudans
Statement on Atrocities in Darfur, Sudan (U.S. Department of State)

East Africa/Horn
The U.S. Wants Kenya to Lead a Multinational Force in Haiti. But Watchdogs Worry That Could Fuel Rights Abuses, by Cara Anna (Time)

Kenya Considering Leading a Multinational Force in Haiti (U.S. Department of State)

Blinken Speaks of ‘Immediately Implementing’ Pretoria Agreement in Phone Call with Abiy (Addis Standard)

North Africa
Secretary Blinken’s Call with Egyptian Foreign Minister Shoukry (U.S. Department of State)

Southern Africa
Embassy Luanda Launches the Dinheiro Digital é Melhor Project to Increase Financial Inclusion (U.S. Department of State)

‘Kill the Boer’ Song Fuels Backlash in South Africa and U.S., by John Eligon (The New York Times)

LGBTQI+ Special Envoy Stern’s Travel to Mauritius and South Africa (U.S. Department of State)

West Africa
Senior State Dept. Official Visits Niger to Negotiate with Junta, by Katharine Houreld & Michael Birnbaum (The Washington Post)

Top US Official Traveled to Niger and Held ‘Difficult’ Talks with Junta Officials, by Daphne Psaledakis, Humeyra Pamuk, Simon Lewis (Reuters)

Acting Deputy Secretary Nuland’s Trip to Niger (U.S. Department of State)

Acting Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland on the Situation in Niger (U.S. Department of State)

Why the US Isn’t Calling the Crisis in Niger a ‘Coup’, by Laura Kelly (The Hill)

Why the U.S. Hasn’t Declared a Coup in Niger, by William Rampe (Reason)

Biden Administration Unwilling to Call Niger Coup a ‘Coup’, by Nahal Toosi & Lara Seligman (Politico)

How the U.S. Fumbled Niger’s Coup and Gave Russia an Opening, by Drew Hinshaw, Benoit Faucon, Joe Parkinson (The Wall Street Journal)

What Niger’s Coup Means for West Africa’s Geopolitical Contest, by Rama Yade (New Atlanticist, Atlantic Council)

Why Many Nigeriens Want Russia in and the West Out, by Collin Meisel & Adam Szymanski-Burgos (Time)

Countering Coups: How to Reverse Military Rule Across the Sahel, by Kamissa Camara & Susan Stigant (United States Institute of Peace)

Ordered Departure of Non-Emergency U.S. Government Personnel from U.S. Embassy Niamey (U.S. Department of State)

In Niger, the US Seeks to Hang on to Its Last, Best Counterterrorist Outpost in West Africa, by Ellen Knickmeyer, Sam Mednick, Cara Anna (Associated Press)

Future of US Drone Base in Nigér in Question, by Ekene Lionel (Military Africa)

US Troops Restricted to American Bases, Embassy in Niger, by Natahsa Bertrand, Jennifer Hansler, Kylie Atwood (CNN)

U.S. Suspends Security Cooperation with Niger as Europeans Evacuate, by Karen DeYoung, Dan Lamothe, Michael Birnbaum (The Washington Post)

Niger Upheaval Underscores US Military’s Challenges in African Joint Missions, by John Vandiver (Stars and Stripes)

Niger Coup Could Jeopardize US Counterterrorism Operations in Africa, by Chris Gordon (Air & Space Forces Magazine)

Why Nigeria Shouldn’t Let America Push It to War in Niger Republic, by Emmanuel Ogebe (Sundiata Post)

The Risk of a West African War, by James Barnett (Hudson Institute)

U.S. to Pause Some Financial Aid to Niger as Country Reels From Coup, by Vivian Salama (The Wall Street Journal)

Foreign Assistance Programs and Events in Niger (U.S. Department of State)

Risch, Menendez Statement on the Situation in Niger (Senate Foreign Relations Committee)

Secretary Blinken’s Call with Nigerien President Bazoum (U.S. Department of State)

Secretary Blinken’s Call with African Union Commission Chairperson Faki About the Attempted Takeover in Niger (U.S. Department of State)

August 1, 2023

Top Picks
A Coup in Niger: What It Means for Africa, U.S. and Partners, by Kamissa Camara (United States Institute of Peace)

Washington Must React Realistically to the Coup in Niger, by J. Peter Pham (The National Interest)

Continent At-Large
How the West Could Actually Help the Sahel, by Howard W. French (Foreign Policy)

Another Chip Falls in Africa, and America Remains AWOL, by Michael Rubin (AEIdeas)

African Perception of the United States in an Evolving Geopolitical Landscape, by Fikayo Akeredolu (Africa Up Close, Wilson Center)

Why Africa Talks So Much About Infrastructure, by Mark A. Green (Stubborn Things, Wilson Center)

Shifting Sands of Supply: Africa, China, and the Global Race for Rare Earth Elements, by Shane Tews & Nii Simmonds (AEIdeas)

US Takes Aim at Kremlin Over Russia-Africa Summit: ‘No Meaningful Commitments’, by Paul Tilsley (Fox News)

Kremlin Accuses West of Trying to Sabotage Its Showcase Russia-Africa Summit, by Andrew Osborn (Reuters)

Is the Wagner Group a Terrorist Organization?, by Amy Mackinnon (Foreign Policy)

Shopping for Russian Guns, Dodging American Lectures, by Joseph Were (The Independent Uganda)

How the U.S. Can Build Democracy in Africa, by Michael Dziedzic (The Washington Post)

Italy’s Meloni to Push for Greater NATO Role in Africa During US Visit, by Julian Pecquet (The Africa Report)

US Supports Permanency for Africa on Security Council, Becoming Significant Trade Player, by Tobi Awodipe (The Guardian Nigeria)

New Report Finds Disproportionate F-1 Visa Denials in Africa and the Global South, by Rajika Bhandari, Hilary O’Haire, Shelley Landry, Jill Welch (The Presidents’ Alliance and Shorelight)

African and South American College Students Face High Hurdles to Study in the U.S., by Emi Tuetnhi Tran (NBC News)

Secretary Blinken to Deliver Remarks at the Mandela Washington Fellowship Summit for Young African Leaders (U.S. Department of State)

Central Africa/Sudans
France and the US’s Possible Faustian Pact with CAR’s Touadéra, by Peter Fabricius (Institute for Security Studies)

East Africa/Horn
Designating Senior ISIS-Somalia Financier (U.S. Department of State)

US and Somalia Discuss Strategies for Fighting Al-Shabaab Financial Empire (Garowe Online)

Reps. Omar and Garamendi Call for Resumption of Food Aid to Ethiopia (Office of Rep. Ilhan Omar)

America’s Decision to Tighten Its Monetary Policy May Add Pressure to Tanzania’s Economy, by Chinedu Okafor (Business Insider Africa)

Secretary Blinken’s Call with Kenyan President Ruto (U.S. Department of State)

North Africa
US Lawmakers Urge Biden to Withhold More Military Aid to Egypt (Al-Jazeera)

Southern Africa
America Needs South Africa inside AGOA, by Francois Baird (The National Interest)

Powerful US Senator Jim Risch Tables Legislation to Scuttle SA’s Hosting of AGOA Forum, by Peter Fabricius (Daily Maverick)

Senior Coordinator for Atlantic Cooperation Lapenn’s Travel to Namibia, South Africa, and Angola (U.S. Department of State)

West Africa
Explainer: What Is at Stake for the United States in Niger?, by Daphne Psaledakis & Simon Lewis (Reuters)

Why the Niger Coup Matters — and What the U.S. Should Do About It, by the Editorial Board (The Washington Post)

U.S. Sees ‘Narrow Opportunity’ to Reverse Coup in Niger as Ousted President Meets Chad’s Leader, by Courtney Kube, Mosheh Gains, Abigail Williams, Dan De Luce (NBC News)

‘Washington Has to Thread a Very Difficult Needle’ on Niger Response, Experts Say, by Jennifer Hansler (CNN)

The Military Seizes Power in Niger, by Michelle Gavin (Council on Foreign Relations)

Soldiers Mutiny in U.S.-Allied Niger, by Nick Turse (The Intercept)

Niger Becomes Latest Domino Falling to Western-Trained Militaries, by Alex Thurston (Responsible Statecraft)

Niger Coup Upends U.S. Security Plans in West Africa, Handing Russia an Opportunity, by Michael M. Phillips, Benoit Faucon, Drew Hinshaw (The Wall Street Journal)

Niger Coup Threatens Western Counterterrorism Efforts and Could Offer Opportunities to Russia, by Liam Karr (Critical Threats Project)

Domestic Actors, Outside Powers, and the Unfolding Political Crisis in Niger, by Sebastian Elischer (Democracy in Africa)

The West Saw Niger as a Democratic Bulwark. Then, a Coup Happened., by Ishaan Tharoor (The Washington Post)

Niger Coup: US Offers ‘Unflagging’ Support to Ousted Leader as Sanctions Threatened (The Guardian)

US Threatens to Pull All Aid for Niger, by Jeff Seldin (Voice of America)

US, Partners Communicating with Military Leaders in Niger, by Steve Holland & Daphne Psaledakis (Reuters)

Secretary Blinken’s Calls with Nigerien President Bazoum and Former President Issoufou (U.S. Department of State)

Secretary Blinken’s Call with Nigerien President Bazoum (U.S. Department of State)

Readout of Vice President Harris’s Call with President Tinubu of Nigeria (The White House)

Secretary Blinken’s Call with Nigerian President Bola Tinubu (U.S. Department of State)

Extraordinary ECOWAS Summit on Niger (U.S. Department of State)

Wagner in Mali: US Sanctions Camara, Diarra, Bagayoko, by Benjamin Roger (The Africa Report)

Why Is the Biden Administration Overlooking Nigeria’s Jihadi Attacks on Christians?, by Lela Gilbert (Hudson Institute)