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Niger’s Coup and America’s Choice: Washington Should Push for Mediation, Not Military Intervention, by Hannah Rae Armstrong (Foreign Affairs)

Matt Gaetz Wants to Make the Pentagon Answer for Training Coup Leaders, by Nick Turse (The Intercept)

The United States Marine Corps Is Not Designed for Deployment in Africa, by Glen Segell (London School of Economics)

What is Wagner’s “Value Proposition” in Africa?, by J. Peter Pham (The National Interest)

U.S. Africa Command Hosts the 2023 Strategic Religious Affairs Conference, by Jonathan Bell, Ryan Bareng, Robert Blalock (AFRICOM)

International Day for People of African Descent (U.S. Department of State)

A Darling of the West, He Wore Out His Welcome at Home, by Declan Walsh & Dionne Searcey (The New York Times)

‘Obama’s Man in Africa’ Under House Arrest as Popular Coup Rocks Gabon, by Max Blumenthal (The Gray Zone)

Events in Gabon (U.S. Department of State)

Kagame Promotes General Sanctioned by US for War in DR Congo, by Patrick Ilunga (The East African)

Rwanda President Says U.S. Puts Minerals Over Values in Africa, by Steve Clemons (Semafor)

Why Libya’s Cackhanded Israel Diplomacy Is Bad for America, Too (The Economist)

U.S. and Moroccan Armies Conduct Joint CBRN Training Exercise in Agadir, Utilizing Revolutionary USC Truck, by Shae Cox (DVIDS)

Morocco-US Military Cooperation Discussed with Congressmen Delegation in Rabat (North Africa Post)

Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Phee’s Conversation with Algerian Foreign Minister Attaf (U.S. Department of State)

South African Inquiry Rebuts U.S. Charge on Russian Arms, by John Eligon & Lynsey Chutel (The New York Times)

Trade Between US and South Africa Is Mutually Beneficial If It Doesn’t Compromise SA’s Sovereignty, by Lyndall Singh (Mail & Guardian)

Automotive Sector Warns SA Must Not Lose Its AGOA Ties, by Banele Ginindza (IOL)

In China’s Shadow, U.S. Rushes Back to Neglected Indian Ocean Island, by Liz Sly (The Washington Post)

Zimbabwe Elections: South Africa, US Note Observer Concerns (Reuters)

The Starkly Different Responses by the U.S. and China to Zimbabwe’s Controversial Election, by Eric Olander (China Global South Project)

Disquiet Over US Military Bases in SADC, by Savious Kwinika (Caj News Africa)

USAID Deputy Administrator Isobel Coleman Travels to Tanzania and Malawi (U.S. Agency for International Development)

The Niger Coup’s Outsized Global Impact, by Gilles Yabi (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

Shocked by Niger Coup, Victoria Nuland Appeared “Desperate” During Africa Tour, by Anya Parampil (The Gray Zone)

U.S. Throws France Under the Bus After Niger Coup, by Konrad Yakabuski (The Globe and Mail)

Visa Restriction Policy on Undermining the Democratic Process in Sierra Leone (U.S. Department of State)

A View from the Right: Republican Perspectives on US-Africa Policy, August 29, 12:00pm EDT (Atlantic Council)

Time for Choices in Niger, August 31, 1:00pm EDT (Atlantic Council)