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The comprehensive victory of the Democratic Party in the United States November 2020 elections is the best outcome that South Africa and Africa could have hoped for…. The Democratic Party is an old opponent of apartheid, from as far back as

The heavy, wall-to-wall focus on the United States (US) elections every four years often has the consequence of muted attention by global populaces towards elections in other parts of the world. Save for a coterie of political scientists, journalists, international

There was a huge outcry when videos of mistreatment of Africans in the Chinese city of Guangzhou went viral on social media in April 2020. This was after authorities in Guangdong province introduced stringent measures to curb the spread of

One of the major series of events in South Africa in 2018 was the commemoration of the centennial of Nelson Mandela’s birth. Global-Dialogue Special Edition Mandela Obama

In the previous article, we examined the hurdles facing Africa’s agriculture ranging from the limitations of scale and market impediment. In this article, we pick out value and supply chains and policies as prime areas of consideration.Youth and Women Entrepreneurs

By John Karuitha and Bob Wekesa In the previous article, we discussed value chains and policies as factors in the role of women and youth in African agriculture and food security. In this article, we discuss some technological pathways for redressing

Since American agricultural commodities’ demand for slave labour brought the United States and Africa together four centuries ago, the US-Africa relationship has been mainly defined by economics and the shifting strategic value of the continent to America. As President Joe Biden

By John Karuitha and Bob WekesaCOVID-19 has intensified African countries’ vulnerabilities to the vagaries of agricultural production and supply shortages in times of crisis. For instance rice exports from Vietnam to Africa were halted in March 2020 due to COVID-19