Why American studies is important

Undertaking American studies is very important to all universities worldwide. The American Studies in universities in African continent could be a very promising and interesting program to consider for its great potential and promise to foster development of knowledge among faculty and students that are involved. The American studies being an interdisciplinary degree, delves into several different fields giving students the opportunity to pursue in its uniqueness in structure. The American Studies Program enhances critical thinking among students because of its unique interdisciplinary nature. The degree would assist students to understand the American culture, including her history, cultural origins which would enhance commitment in making our communities better. In addition, undertaking American studies would help students to understand the diverse populations of America and the manner in which the culture of Americans has made and been made by the technological influence in other nations, all of which would make more people informed about this unique culture. When students in Africa undertake studies in American studies, this would them to understand and analyze the development of America and how they have managed to uniquely knit these pluralistic and diverse society into a renown democratic state for years. Moreover, by students in African universities studying American culture, this would enhance development among them and faculty in various disciplines which further increases the opportunities for participating in active research activities in universities. Furthermore, undertaking American studies in African universities would enhance better interdisciplinary collaboration and intellectual development among all faculty and students which would have not been possible in disciplines which are specific department based. Therefore, by students in African universities studying American studies degree, this further enhances the efficacy in building bridges between the many diverse disciplines in social sciences at universities. This would make faculty from diverse disciplines to appreciate each other uniqueness as they carry out research that is cutting across their disciplines at the university. By studying American studies in universities in Africa, the students would be enlightened to see their own nations differently, by being more open to other sub-cultures or tribes. Furthermore, the knowledge gained from the American studies degree would help students to understand the lives of other people, be able to interpret situations in terms of cause and effect. Moreover, the knowledge o0btrained would help students in universities in Africa to develop increased critical thinking skills, and the ability to understand the connection between two seemingly distant events. It is important to note that by developing American studies in African universities, would make Individual academic staff to identify connections and opportunities among the various fields, which eventually lead to better understanding of the world. The development of American studies among faculty and students in universities in Africa would be a powerful force for the unification of humanistic scholarship. The American studies in African universities cuts across various disciplines from where we appreciate the integration of fields such as history, literature and the traditional departments still remain independent as they have been. Therefore, the implementation of American studies in universities in Africa would create more meaningful connections among the disciplines in the social sciences such as political science, anthropology, sociology and economics. Moreover, it has been reported that most traditional disciplines leave considerable terrain unplowed, that disciplinary boundaries unduly circumscribed legitimate areas of inquiry (Campbell, 1969). Therefore, the establishment of American studies would therefore be one way of filing the vacant spaces by spearheading Interdisplinary approach in curriculum in universities in Africa. Moreover, it has been indicated that there has been limited topics studied in the traditional history department in the social sciences, and this did not include the content of American material history cultural and intellectual aspects which would be incorporated in the American studies. Spiller, (1973) argues that the goal of the integration of contents from various disciplines is helpful to bring ideas of history to literature and vice versa which enhances holistic understanding of American culture.  It’s important to note that there are no studies of American studies in any universities in Africa as at march 2022. From preliminary review of literature, what exists in universities are short term exchange programs in universities with some American universities, but there is no university that has launched degrees in America studies within the African continent. This is the niche that this project would achieve.